The Agent Portal Has What You Need

We know many of you are familiar with our Agent Portal, but we’ve been adding content, and this is a good time to provide a refresher on the capabilities of this fantastic resource.

The information in the Agent Portal is a great way to get the materials to help your communities and grow your business and is categorized in these five headings:

About Carriers

This section has direct links to over 50 carriers but we’re glad to say this list continues to grow as we give you even more choices with additional partnerships.

Another feature within this heading is links to carrier training. As we get information about webinars and workshops, the descriptions and registration instructions are added to the ‘News and Updates’ section.


This is arguably the most important component in the portal. You can find materials that can educate you or your customers, such as Webinars on Demand, Events, an archive of Boost Newsletters, links to our Medicare Musings recordings, and and our First Dollar landing page..

Likewise, if you’re looking for another way to maintain contact with clients throughout the year, you can access our client-facing newsletter, Utmost. This quarterly publication includes articles that can help your clients maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tools and Resources

In Tools and Resources, you’ll find links to Medicare Connector, DBS (our life insurance partner), a Long-Term Care Quoting tool, and HealthSherpa.

You can find numerous forms, handouts and links under the Resources heading. Whether you want information on commissions, Medicare, our Agency Marketing Platform (or, AMP), and more, you can find it here.

Get Appointed

We made it easy for you to design the product portfolio that best fits your business needs in the Get Appointed section. If you’re ready to start the process of becoming appointed with any of our carriers, simply check which carriers you’re interested in and submit the Interest Form.

Support Communication

We mean it when we tell you we get you…we got you…you got this. If you need assistance from us, simply go to the Support Communication tab and submit your questions or comments to us by selecting the New Ticket button.


If you have any questions about the Agent Portal, contact your Sales Relationship Manager or call LeClair at 651.739.2010. In the meantime, visit the Agent Portal today to see everything it has to offer!

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