Group Benefits

Strategize with our broker partners to assist with employee benefits prospects and renewals

  • Major Medical, Dental, Vision, Group Life, DI, Accident/Critical Illness/Hospital Indemnity
  • Provide software for policy illustrations/quoting

Train broker partners on new products, carrier platforms, and quoting software

  • Webinars
  • Continuing Education Courses

We personally work with our carrier partners to maintain our product knowledge on current market trends

  • Associations, Level Funding, Co-op

Provide support and advocacy for our broker partners

  • Account Updates
  • Enrollments
  • Billing disputes
Nick Forside
Relationship Manager, Employee Group Benefits

Nick has spent the majority of his career working with insurance brokerages in Minnesota, helping to promote comprehensive benefits packages for business owners and their employees. As a Group Relationship Manager, Nick will work directly with brokers to provide quoting and illustration assistance as well as product expertise and recommendations. He is a firm believer that the benefits a company offers have a positive correlation with retention and reduced training costs over time.