LeClair Extends Presence Beyond Borders

LeClair is active in all 50 states, guiding and serving agents across the country. Our dedicated staff is here for you with selling strategies, training, and support. It’s what makes us the #1 Field Marketing Organization (FMO) in Minnesota. Since our founding in the 1930s, LeClair has emphasized partnerships with agents, carriers, and other entities. Our vision is “to be your partner of choice in serving your communities’ need for health and life insurance.” As we continue to provide premium service to agents and carriers in Minnesota, we are expanding our in-person presence to neighboring states such as Wisconsin and North and South Dakota.


This spring, LeClair staff attended conferences, such as NABIP and Insurcon, and offered several training workshops, including Driven Roadshows and carrier training. As we move into summer, we have our final roadshow in Wausau tomorrow (June 20, 2024) and culminates with our Wisconsin Ethics seminar on July 9, 2024. If you have Wisconsin clients, you don’t want to miss these trainings.

Similarly, LeClair is broadening its reach into North Dakota, South Dakota, and other states, as well. We held roadshows in Fargo, North Dakota and Sioux Falls, South Dakota earlier this year and we’ll close out training in this area at the end of this month with our South Dakota Ethics class on June 27, 2024 at the Sanford Center in Sioux Falls.

Carrier Partners

LeClair has built fantastic relationships with carrier partners who service Wisconsin, such as Anthem, Quartz, Security Health Plan, and one our newest partners, Physicians Mutual. Each of these carriers offers an outstanding product line that can help your clients find the best health insurance solution for their needs.

To the west, Sanford Health is the largest rural health system in the United States. It covers all of South Dakota, all of North Dakota, and most of the western part of Minnesota.

More Information

If you want more information on these carriers, their product lines, or contracting, reach out to your Sales Relationship Manager or contact LeClair at 651.739.2010 or sales@leclairgroup.com.


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