Meet Redlbl’s Chris Birt

With the backing of LeClair, Chris Birt is the driving force behind Redlbl, LeClair’s new omnichannel marketing firm for Health Care, Insurance and Brand Advocacy. Prior to LeClair, Birt built AB digital into one of the most buzzworthy digital and brand advocacy firms in the nation, called “One-of-a-Kind” by USA Today and “part of a trend” by the New York Times among other media.  

Chris is also the Amazon Best-Selling Author of “Awareness Without Advertising” which spent 16 weeks on the Amazon Best-Seller list in Advertising and Public Relations in 2019 and early 2020. It has since become a minor classic for businesses that believe in using less big-tech less and more brand advocacy to get their message out.  

A free copy of his first edition, with curated content, is available to red and black level Redlbl clients. Get to know Chris and his team at relbl.com 

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  • YeeKhang
    at 10 months ago

    I’ve never seen this guy in a suit before, but believe me he means business!


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