A message from the future.

The meteoric rise of Healthapalooza, which has now become the Midwest’s central “get-together” for health care professionals, has been propelled by counting the right numbers instead of rallying simple flash and dash. This data-driven approach to the event is keeping it highly relevant to the future of insurance marketing.  (no need for a line below) 

Focusing On the Numbers 

LeClair’s initial goal with Healhapalooza  was to help Health Care professionals stay up to date on CLEs. Today the focus has expanded to include algorithmic analysis of topics discussed at the show.  It is hoped that in the future Healthapalooza may serve as a “nerve center” that helps brands like Blue Cross, Medica, UCare and other HMOS derive a range of predictable data they can use to optimize products and improve the agent’s individual experience.  

Stay tuned to our blog for updates on how LeClair and Redlbl will continue to fine tune the back and front end of the Midwest’s biggest show for health insurance.  

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  • Theresa Gaylord
    at 1 year ago

    I appreciate speakers who can offer tips and advice on how to increase your business, or how to change or enhance your administrative or sales processes so you can be more efficient.

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